Baker's Amonia (Ammonium Carbonate) - 16 oz - LorAnn

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Baker's Amonia (Ammonium Carbonate) - 16 oz - LorAnn Gum Arabic is colorless, tasteless and odorless and is used in commercial food processing to thicken, emulsify and stabilize foods such as candy, ice cream and sweet syrups.
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Baker's Ammonia is a leavening ingredient called for in many old fashioned recipes. It is also called "hartshorn". Baker's Ammonia is used to make extra-crisp cookies or crackers. Unlike baking powder or soda, it does not leave an alkaline off-flavor in baked goods. It is not used for cakes or other large items because the ammonia gas cannot evaporate from these items. You will notice an odor of ammonia while baking, but this will quickly dissipate andthe baked product will not have an odor or taste of ammonia. Because Baker's Ammonia has a tendency to evaporate when exposed to air, it should be stored in a jar with a tight cover. It will not spoil, but will "disappear" if not stored properly. Kosher certified

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